FIGHT CLUB Yoppy Pieter

With a loud thump and cracking sound, the windshield of the car was splattered on asphalt, and two boys were carried away with bloods on their heads and torn ribcage. It was looked like a scene from an accident, but it was not. It was a scene that has become increasingly common these days in Indonesia: student brawl.

The students identity, especially high school students, changes abruptly on the streets, sometimes just to prove that they are not a mere “coward”. It then reflects in a willingness to eliminate one another, with weapon ready in hands.

This story is like a memoir for me, and for those who refused to take part. For some people, high school days are both the happiest and the most frightening. We would go home, and think that no one can guarantee we could arrive home safely.

I feel fortunate to be free of it. But out there, there are still many students who fear the effect from a culture called “student brawl”.