Amidst lush forest with the sounds of crickets in the background, a school is trying to save the earth. The Green School is located in the village of Sibang Kaja in Badung District, Bali, Indonesia. Most of the buildings are made of bamboos and 80% of the power is supplied from solar cells. The architecture is based on an open concept without walls and air conditioning that it is very environment friendly.

It was former Canadian jeweller John Hardy and his American wife Cynthia who initiated the school in 2006. The school began operating in 2008 by admitting a maximum of 300 international students aged 6–18 years old. As recorded, since its creation there have been students from more or less 40 countries including Indonesia.

The subjects being taught are quite similar to those at other schools. Here too students learn mathematics, English, science, and drama, but there is an additional subject of “Green Studies”, in which they are taught how to live in harmony with nature. Green Studies classes also teach students how to farm and raise animals in environment-friendly ways as well as how to recycle things.

The Green School provides education from kindergarten level up to 10th grade. Around 20% of the students are local Balinese for which the school offers scholarship, and the other 80% are from abroad. By learning to live in harmony with nature at this school, children are expected to have an awareness that the planet can be damaged overtime and that we need to protect it, and maybe to become green leaders for the future.

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