KASADA Putu Sayoga

The Annual Kasada ceremony is the main ceremony of the Tenggerese people in East Java, Indonesia. The ceremony usually lasts for a month and on the fourteenth day according to Tenggerese calendar, They will traveled to Mount Bromo to make offerings of rice, fruits, vegetables, flowers and livestock to the gods of the mountain which is tossed into the caldera of the volcano.

The origin of the Kasada Ceremony according to the legend appeared in the 15th century. When princess named Roro Anteng with her husband Joko Seger who settled around Mount Bromo is not blessed with a child after such a long marriage. Finally they meditated, begged to the gods of the mountain to give children. After several years of meditation the Gods finally granted and give them 25 childs, with the condition of the 25th child should be thrown into the volcano as a sacrifice.

After the birth of the 25th child, named R Kesuma, The husband and wife had forgotten their promise to the gods of the mountain. Then the mountain erupt and spew lava destroyed their area. It was then that they remembered the promise and tell R Kesuma must be sacrificed by pushed into Mount Bromo caldera to stop the disaster. R Kesuma accepted and requested that he must be plunged during the full moon in Kasada and asked each year in the same month and date are given offerings of crops and livestock by thrown it into the crater of Bromo. Since then the Tenggerese people who are the descendants of Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng Kasada performing the tradition until today.