Mekepung, literally means “to chase around”; is a race among water buffaloes driven by a jockey. Historically, Mekepung is estimated to appear in the 1930’s. Originally it was designed as a fun game for peasants to kill their free time when the harvest time was ended, as they were waiting for the start of the planting season. In the 1960s they created two groups which had competed in mekepung up to this time. Those of two groups were based on the flow of The Ijo Gading River which divides Jembrana into two major polar of Mekepung rivality.

So, there emerged the Ijo Gading Barat Team with a red flag that was located in the west bank of the river and the Ijo Gading Timur Team with the flag of green which was situated in the east river. Since then, mekepung became contagiously addicting for almost every Jembrana fellows. In the era of 90s, that excitement was transformed into an official competitive race. The competition of Mekepung is conducted on a seasonal series like Moto GP or Formula One. The tourney is consisted of a few series, and is running on several exceptional circuits for mekepung, like the Delod Berawah Circuit.

To watch Mekepung, it’s best to visit Jembrana on early July until November. At present, Mekepung had spread its fame and enthusiasm throughout Jembrana District. That’s what makes Jembrana named as “Gumi Mekepung” means “The Land of Mekepung”.