TOBA TABOO Yoppy Pieter

Stretched as an oasis at the heartland of Sumatra, Indonesia, Lake Toba was once a lure for one who traveled across Southeast Asia. Its name is recognized far from its own history. But these days, it was no longer the case. In the past, the winding road is its lifelines, the lake’s water is its bloodstream, and the people are its heart which boast a colorful life. Today, it just such a sweet story echoed from the past. The clock is ticking slow. And for its people, these days is the hardest days ever.  

To worsen the situation, some of the natives start selling their own traditional houses called Jabu Bolon which full of history from their ancestors. The frequent cultural performance are still on show even the soul is no longer there. Lake Toba today is merely just a lake.