Sumpu is a contemporary Minangkabau village at the vicinity of Lake Singkarak in West Sumatera, Indonesia. Since decades ago, the people have migrated from the village and became a part of Indonesia’s urban population leaving it crumbles through the passage of time.

Rural migration has reached a whole new level in Minangkabau culture, abandoning its primordial roots in the process. Sumpu, through its cultural landscape, has somehow managed to immortalize this phenomenon.

Sumpu is easily perceived as a story of a forsaken village that has lost its way and now merely stands as a remnant of its glorious past. A heartbreaking story of a land that for hundreds of years has given birth to tough, hardworking migrants. It is the story of the slow death of a cultural heritage, quietly destroying the identity of the Minangkabaus.

This project is published as a photobook. Preview is below.

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